Hotel en Panajachel – Posada de los Volcanes

Tour of the Altiplano Guatemalteco


A stroll through the picturesque landscape full of Guatemalan Highlands, colorful and culture, visit:

  • The Church of the conquerors Salcaja builted in 1524, for that reason his virgin is called “the Conqueror”.
  • The hot springs of volcanic origin ”Las Fuentes Georginas”.
  • The indigenous villages of Zunil and Almolonga, where you can see where the best vegetables are growinng in Central America.
  • The city of Quetzaltenango with Colonial architecture.
  • Andres Xecul, with its unique church in its facade, simulating the huipil of town.
  • You can visit the market of San Francisco el Alto if you do the tour on Friday, single market by selling all sorts of Animals.


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The price is:

$ .45.00 (Q.350.00) per person.

Due to the current situation the tour is only done in private service for US$150.00





Visiting San Marcos, San Juan and San Pedro la Laguna for one hour and last for an hour and a half Santiago Atitlan

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